NEBB Standards for Reports and Forms (1 CEC/1 AIA LU)
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The following presentation is intended for NEBB Certified Professionals and NEBB Certified Technicians and represents the format as well as required information necessary to produce a NEBB compliant report.    Once you have completed going through the entire PPT presentation, please answer the 3 questions 100% correctly with the option for 2 tries.  After reviewing the PPT presentation and answering the questions, you will earn your certificate for the 1 NEBB-approved CEC.  This is a self-guided presentation and a free resource on the NLC. 

Here is a summary of the sections found in this presentation:


  • Report Title
    • Report title page must include 5 very specific items. These 5 items standardize the report so that a NEBB stamped report can be immediately recognizable to the reviewing authority as a valid NEBB document.
  • Report Certification
    • This page must include, at minimum, 6 specific items, standardizing the report as a NEBB valid document
    • Stamp on this page shows the responsible party for producing the report, and validates the work that was performed
  • Table of Contents
    • Table of contents allows the reader to easily navigate the different pages of the report, making the content easily accessible. This is vitally important for tenants / building engineers who are attempting to troubleshoot the functionality of a building / system
  • Report Summary / Remarks
    • No complete system is ever perfect, the summary page allows for a quick reference to show if a system is not perfect, and why.
    • Recommendations can be made on this page, allowing the building engineers to quickly assess the functionality of a system / building.
  • All Report Pages
    • All report pages must be standardized to the NEBB standard, listing specific pieces of information. These identifiers not only standardize the report to the NEBB standard, they also allow the reader to identify all pertinent portions and parts of the system represented in the balance report.
  • Instrument Calibration
    • The calibration sheet / certificates prove that the instruments being utilized not only adhere to minimum NEBB standards, but are also calibrated to NEBB standards.
  • Abbreviation List
    • Abbreviation list allows the reader to identify types of fans, air distribution, hydronic valves, etc. utilizing acronyms rather than entire words. As an example, some of the air distribution types may repeat over an entire job, on larger jobs this could mean hundreds of thousands of pieces of air distribution which are the same “type.” For this a report would utilize the abbreviated form of “SAG” rather than “Supply Air Grille” or “RAG” rather than “Return Air Grille.”
  • Drawings and Schematics
    • Drawings and schematics allow for the reader of the report to correspond written report sheets with a coded drawing which shows locations of the items being reported.
** This course is now approved for 1LU for AIA continuing education credits **